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K I Off The Book Dives Into The Creative Depths Of Sound For Their Debut – EP I Out July 1st!

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 1, 2020 -- Diving deep into the explorative, expressive, and wildly imaginative side of sound, K I Off The Book is built on the strengths of a highly innovative instrumental duo on a mission to create genuinely unique & entirely unforgettable moments in time. Combining the spectacular skills of self-taught drummer Illes Ispanovits, and his classically trained band-mate Peter Kocso on guitar, together they generate true authenticity in their music, and take listeners on a powerfully stylistic & sensory trip unlike any other.

On July 1st, 2020, K I Off The Book officially steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight with the release of their stunning debut, EP I. Comprised of three extremely bold & adventurous instrumental songs that reveal the magic shared between Illes and Peter, the powerfully moving material & music to be found on their first EP speaks volumes on behalf of their determination, commitment, & conviction. Designing music that remains faithfully bonded to the moment and invested in every single second; the duo made a decisive effort to blaze their own trail and discover the limitless potential of their own style.

EP I sparkles & shines through the unbridled skills of K I Off The Book and the immaculate attention to detail they apply to their music from beginning to end. As anti-typical as an experience could ever be, the band’s debut record proves that not only is there still much ground to be broken when it comes to making music, but that K I Off The Book are willing to lead the way into the future for the rest to follow.

With their unusual, unexpected, and all-out surprising song structures creating true excitement through their ability to embrace creative freedom & execute extraordinarily ambitious ideas with vibrant passion – K I Off The Book promise to thrill listeners in ways that haven’t ever been conceived before; until now.

Join them as they bring their multi-dimensional & dynamic sound to the world with the release of EP I on July 1st this year, with their radiantly colorful video for the lead-single “170_4” available online as well. Loaded with intense atmospheric depth & an astonishing blend of Neo-Classical-meets-Post-Rock sound that couldn’t possibly be ignored – K I Off The Book makes music for those that truly love the art.

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