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Ferdinand Snow Releases Touching Tribute to his Scottish Ancestors and Seeks Information on Famous R

Ferdinand Snow has released his debut single, My Heart Belongs to Scotland, a tribute to both his heritage and ancestors and now looks to the nation which means so much to him to ask for their help in uncovering any information about a much-missed family member. Only recently did Ferdinand find out that his great-grandfather, George Nicol Reid Caird, was a musician like himself. Whilst Ferdinand has forged a successful career behind the scenes in the Swedish music scene, his great-grandfather had been a violinist in the BBC Variety Orchestra, playing alongside the likes of Dame Vera Lynn and Jimmy Shand. As well as sharing his new song, Ferdinand is also calling upon the music fans of Scotland to help him learn more about his talented great-grandfather.

Taken from his brand-new EP, Live at a Funeral, My Heart Belongs to Scotland is the debut single by Ferdinand Snow. My Heart Belongs to Scotland has an anthemic quality which showcases Ferdinand's arresting voice and his skill in infusing traditional Scottish folk music with a contemporary sound, which feels as though it belongs on the terraces of football and rugby grounds nationwide. Though having lived and worked in Scandinavia for many years, the track is Ferdinand’s heart-felt gift to his homeland, in particular to cheer up his relatives in Glasgow during the recent period of lockdown. However, upon learning that his great-grandfather was a musician – a fact hidden from him by his father to dissuade him from pursuing such a maverick career – it is also taken on a new meaning, becoming a tribute to George, a relative he never met but with whom he feels such a close bond.

Ferdinand offers his own personal plea for more information about George Caird:

“George Nicol Reid Caird was born 1903 in Banchory, near Aberdeen and had to elope with his love, the stunning and adventurous Miss Robb from Aberdeen, and got married in secret in London in 1924.

They settled in Glasgow where George worked as a violinist in the BBC Variety Orchestra where he would accompany the stars of the day like Dame Vera Lynn, Jimmy Blair and Jimmy Shand when they performed on the radio and on the popular 50’s television show, Jigtime. This was long ago when live music was heard on the air. I would love to find out more about his life as a musician, find pictures of him and records where he participated.

If anyone remembers him and has information to share, especially people in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stonehaven and thereabouts, I´d be eternally grateful”.


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