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The “Cris Colata Tech House Remix” for “Stand Up” is the first in a series of remixes to be release over the coming weeks and months from TriXstar’s album “#TrixStylez”.

When the corona lockdown forced everyone to stay home, TriXstar decided to put up a remix competition for her album “#TrixStylez”, so fellow producers and musicians could make sense of the unexpected free time and create music. The number of remixes was overwhelming and TriXstar decided to release a whole series of remixes instead of just one (as it was originally intended).

The remixes are in different styles and for different songs. So, you can expect remixes for every taste.

The start is a Tech House Remix and a real club banger. The original song with the Getaway Crew from Poland already was a party anthem, but this remix version is fully compatible to the European and international club scene.

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