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Zimbabwe meets Switzerland meets Berlin! "Kubatana" means "unity".

Project Kubatana is the crossing of paths between two artists, resulting in their debut single "Rastaman Vibrations", the latest release from the label Yutman Records, which will be available in all online stores from July 10th, 2020.

The song features lyrics by RighT Nau and Kasi Smilez, two newcomers from Zimbabwe and Germany living in Switzerland. The riddim is produced by the Swiss singer and songwriter Collie Herb.

The vocals were recorded in the Planet Earth Studio in Berlin.

Always act through love, even if the path of life is not always easy, is the message of the song. “As human beings, we are one. When those who have, give to those who have nothing, we will be happy together ”, Kasi sings on Shona.

The finest reggae, a clear message, two voices that meet in harmony. Project Kubatana shows what can be created in unity!

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