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Techno Maverick MIAV Looks to Hoover Up with New Album

MIAV (short for Made in a Vacuum) is a Watford-based artist who has spent his life in the music industry and is now ready to release the album which has formed over a traumatic two years. A sound technician by day, techno innovator by night, MIAV is completely self-taught, throwing away any rule books which look to stifle his adventures in sound and constantly looking for the alternative routes of transporting his listeners into new realms. Mass is the album he has created as both a tribute and a statement – by turns profound, touching, uplifting and bizarre, MIAV is an artist who reminds you how music and sound can truly elicit a trance-like state in its audience, going way beyond dance into the roots and future of electronic music.

Listen to MIAV here:

Some people were born to follow – MIAV is not one of these people. Never willing to follow fashions or trends, he has developed his own sound largely through shutting off as much potential outside influence as possible, creating sound…you guessed it, made in a vacuum. Created initially as his own outlet to express his thoughts and emotions, Mass is a body of work that strips MIAV bare. The title track is true to its name, written as his own form of requiem mass to a lost friend, a tribute to his memory and the catalyst which reinforced his desire to create a musical legacy.

“He spent his entire life making music but like me, never shared it and a lot has been lost with him. I'm not going to let that happen to me and I have to get this album out, partly as a tribute to him.

This music NEEDS to be heard”

MIAV has found himself turning up the sound to 11 for The Who, sharing joints with Paul McCartney and Youth and sharing a cup of tea with Hans Zimmer but Mass is the music he has always sought to make and is designed to appeal to anyone seeking musical escapism beyond the norm.

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