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Michael Jones to Release Debut EP American Poet Pt.1

Acclaimed for not just his music but his poetry, Michael Jones is building upon the success of his apocalyptic party anthem, This is the Night, with the release of his first EP, called, appropriately enough, American Poet.

Featuring not only the ominous yet thought-provoking, This is the Night, but also three other blistering Americana-tinged rock tracks, including the timely new single, We Are Soldiers and the instant-classic strum-along journey through life, death and the meaning of everything, What is this Life For?

Speaking about We Are Soldiers, Michael says:

“If I had to label this song with one word it would be "badass" I have been feeling a growing sense in people that something big is about to happen. With Covid and the global shutdown, we have all experienced a once in a generation-sized crisis that will redefine the world forever.

I sense that people are starting to grasp just how massive this moment of change is and that this Great Shift is only beginning. The near future will test the will and strength of the human race. These moments litter the path of history, where we are all called to overcome crisis. Where we are all called upon to be Soldiers”

Following in the tradition of poets-turned-musician such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison, Michael Jones is an acclaimed writer who now turns to music to cast his spells on audiences, combining a dark and brooding storytelling technique with lyrics and melodies which hit you smack in the face. This is the Night sees the old order of the world buckling, with humanity joining together to take the chance to construct a new world which is inclusive of all

Produced by Adrian Zagoritis, his forthcoming four-track EP to be entitled American Poet and comes in the wake of his hugely-acclaimed book of poetry, The Enemy of Everything.

Michael Jones was born and raised in North Eastern Pennsylvania and studied literature at Bristol University in the UK, before graduating from Villanova with a BA in Literature and also from Villanova University School of Law.

His life has seen him as both a lawyer and an Internet CEO, having founded and built Pepperjam (, which ultimately became an eBay acquisition.

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