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Indie-Pop Newcomer, Liz Cass Makes her Debut with Bad Love

Having just signed a deal with UK record label frtyfve, Bad Love is the debut solo single from indie-pop solo artist Liz Cass. With a wealth of experience top-lining on house tracks for the likes of Camelphat, Matador and Hot Since 82, Liz’s debut solo release, Bad Love is a truly autobiographical song about toxic love and the redemption felt when escaping its clutches:

“It was a love that consumed me but ultimately was unrequited. It all came to a head as we entered the new decade and the last few months have been a healing process, aided by writing more music. For a time, I honestly thought I would never release it as it was too painful to listen to, let alone share it. But now in doing so, letting it out into the world has exorcised the demon and the weight is lifted”.

Bad Love brings together the cross-genre influences of her previous collaborations and jazz background with Liz's own airy pop aesthetic to great effect. Opening with a bit crushed guitar loop, the song washes in with a sea of sampled vocals, deep bass and dappled Moog synths that beautifully underline Liz's sultry, dream-like vocal. Bad Love has a remarkable summery, Sunday afternoon vibe that surrounds the listener in a cloud of euphoria. Reminiscent of the likes of Jungle and Bat for Lashes, Cass's debut has all the atmospherics of Cocteau Twins while still retaining a catchy pop edge.

Liz Cass’s musical journey has seen her grow from being a choral scholar in the Lincoln Cathedral Choir, through to life as a live jazz artist and more recently as a top-lining vocalist for world renowned house and dance artists. A chance meeting with singer/producer Ali Love after his performance at the Goodwood Love Bullets party saw Liz find a songwriting partner she had long been looking for. Those writing sessions helped her find her sound and finally write music that is truly representative of who she is.

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