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Tamahau - Mamasita (Odessa Mama) Tropical R&B

Tamahau is the moniker of Anthony Young and producer Michael Davidzon (AKA Mike). Given to him as a middle name, Young’s essence is preserved in the Māori word meaning ‘Son of the Soul’. Honesty and loyalty to self is paramount to the art that lives here. Born within the walls of Davidzon’s home studio in late 2018, the project draws on the flowing influences and intrigues of the duo.

Young’s vocals swim effortlessly through a deep pool of R&B and Pop with a Hip-Hop mentality and delivery, immersed in dynamic electronic soundscapes weaved together by Mike. Tamahau’s first

two singles, “Lights” and “Veins”, prevail as relevant tracks that bring a captivating storyteller to the mind of the listener.

Young’s lyrics preach to the darkness within us, the part that we are afraid to indulge, and encourage us to embrace the soul rebel within. Having previously worked together on an EP by Hip-Hop/Reggae outfit ‘Next Man Dead’ (with which Young still creates), Young and Davidzon’s collaborations run deep.

In tune with the rhyme and as heavy as the time is the feeling you become upon entering Anthony Young and Mike’s world, and all you need to do is listen. Tamahau is fresh, new ground on which they plant themselves and it’s clear that the soil is fertile.

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