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Soul-pop Newcomer, Liz Cass Shares Soulful New Single 'Chaos'

"Warm, Sunday afternoon vibe that surrounds the listener in a cloud of euphoria" - The Playground “Cass’ vocal range to guides the song’s trajectory” - Dancing Astronaut “Amazing, emotional vocals, delivered by London based singer and songwriter Liz Cass” - Weraveyou "The way she alternates between that textured, husky tone and then a soft ethereal vocal" - BBC Introducing London

London based Soul-Pop artist Liz Cass is back with an atmospheric cut building anticipation for her upcoming EP. Recorded and co-written with Ed Graves (known for his work with Alt-J amongst others) at Rainbow Wood Studios in Bath, the follow up to her solo debut 'Bad Love', 'Chaos' captures more of a soulful energy, excellently showcasing Liz's captivating, effortlessly angelic vocals while still retaining the dreamy sound of her previous single 'Bad Love'.

Speaking on 'Chaos' Liz said:

"It’s about getting caught up in the throes of love and those feelings at the very beginning. Being drawn to someone or a love that’s not necessarily good for you, but too dangerous and exciting to put down. I think that comes across in the music; the chords actually get quite dark in the first section of the track but it resolves into this upbeat lighter tone which I think really matches the story being told with the lyrics."

Liz Cass’s musical journey has seen her grow from being a choral scholar in the Lincoln Cathedral Choir, through to life as a live jazz artist and more recently as a top-lining vocalist for world renowned house and dance artists. Currently working on collaborations with CamelPhat, Leftwing:Kody and Will Easton among others, 'Chaos' precedes a 6 track solo EP set for release later this year.

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