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Alt Soul Genius Ang Low Releases Stunning New Video to “Memories”

“A rhythmic tour de force…Low’s falsetto is stunning” - The Line of Best Fit

“Music to reach your soul” – Clash

“A NYC producer with head-turning pop numbers up his sleeve” – DIY

“Everyone wants to have that something special in the music world, that bit of spark to make them stand out. Ang Low has it in both hands with his beautiful melodies” - Wonderland

“Low’s fusion of electro-R&B mixes chiming keyboards, fluttering synths and the singer’s dreamy falsetto, ultimately making for an effortlessly cool love song” - Diffuser

Ang Low, one of the leading lights of alternative electronic soul, has released the video to his latest track, Memories, a stunningly choreographed work of art which demonstrates the feverishly brilliant imagination of this renegade artist.

“Memories is about losing yourself, bringing yourself back to reality with memories. The things that we try to accomplish in life, the lives we lead, who we say we are is only just a memory in the end. Life sets us on fire and we have nothing but a great memory to keep us going.

When shooting this video. My director, Christian Carroll, asked me what I want to say through the video. I told him I just want to be myself. I want to be what I am 100 percent. Funny, goofy, weird.. not cool, not commercial. It was my first professional music video and I just needed it to be something I could remember.

In this industry of hot people doing the same things and looking the same I just wanted to be the oddball. Just wanted to be me. I had to learn the song backwards, walk and choreograph backwards. We kept throwing out and building ideas until we came up with this. We practiced for 5 weeks getting our angles and shots right. We only did two takes. We wanted one but the first take I threw my pants at the camera and it turned.. but we finished the take, did another and just combined the two which turned out to look awesome”.

Creating a visual and audible presence which is equal parts psychedelic space alien and alt-electro soul high priest, Ang Low is now based in Brooklyn, New York having relocated from his original home in Tacoma, Washington. Memories is taken from his album UP, his masterpiece and a clarion call to freaks, misfits and disaffected lovers of dark love songs and felt-tip wonderlands.

Created with Brooklyn based songwriter/producer Andrew Fox (Domino Publishing) and production collective The Creamery, the music is truly Ang Low's world - a surreal dayglo-gospel-dancehall feast for the ears.

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