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Acclaimed Blues-Rockers MASK Return with New Single, 'Smiling Assassins'

Returning with the new single 'Smiling Assassins', MASK have once again demonstrated their ability to capture a Beatles-esque charm whilst still retaining a firmly current and fresh sound. Leaning heavily on their Blues go Glam-Rock tendencies, the new single is instantly comparable to Miles Kane and Arctic Monkey's album, AM. Muted drums, biting guitars and crunchy organ bounce knowingly under H's vocals creating a shady and grubby feel, perfectly painting the picture of the untrustworthy character described in the song.

Having suffered a loss in Belfast late last year, MASK leader H Humphrey made the decision to escape civilisation and left for Peru. Feeling enlightened on his return, he approached producer Michael Mormecha and asked if he could come in and make a new MASK record. Though his new studio, Tree Song Studios, wasn’t finished and was little more than a building site, having learned of H’s loss, he agreed and they set to work! Smiling Assassins, has an utterly unique feel as a result, literally seeing the band banging toolboxes and planks of wood over the chorus, capturing a newly found sense of fun and wonderment! Lyrically, Smiling Assassins started by listening to the tale of a friend’s betrayal by someone close to them. Embellishing the facts, the band created a cheeky, infectious song they’re really proud of, leaning on the influence of some of their most cherished 60s bands like The Turtles, The Beatles and The Kinks.

MASK are led by H Humphrey (guitar/vocals) who hails from Belfast, along with Liverpool-based lifelong friend, Craig (guitar/vocals), combining to make up a band who are the antithesis of your typical rock stars – they describe themselves as unapologetically un-cool, working dads that sometimes find the time to still write and play music together BUT always manage to return with exciting music that breaks the mould of the everyday indie band. H is currently living a nomadic life across Europe, writing new material with the assistance of his dog in their trusty van!

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