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One-Woman Song Machine, Jessmo, Perfects her Unique Brand of Cry Dancing with New EP!

Dance It All Out is the new EP from Jessmo, an artist who refuses to follow tradition and makes the music SHE wants to make. Classically-trained, Jessmo has learned her songwriting craft as both a skilled pianist and singer but has chosen to follow her own path musically, rejecting the expected formula to instead develop her songs to incorporate dance rhythms and beats without diluting the lyrical content. Dance It All Out is the perfection of her style, unafraid to show her feelings and emotions, yet remaining strong to her music and her message – it’s cry dancing and it’s a sound which encapsulates the musical world of Jessmo!

Based in Singapore, Jessmo is looking to bring her music to the world stage, having already achieved recognition is the Far East, counting the likes of Audio-Technica, Maybelline and Laplandia Vodka as supporters in the live arena. Having trained as a classical musician from the age of five in both Singapore and London, she found herself bullied for being tall and different at college and found even these negative experiences drew her to communicating her feelings through songwriting. Her emotional reactions even led to her name – a combination of Jessica and emo but she steadfastly remained true to her feelings. Though tradition would dictate that this may manifest itself as a singer-songwriter in the Adele mould, she instead followed her heart and love of dance music, combining pop-dance beats and rhythms with her heart-felt lyrics.

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