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Nonviolenze Combines Music, Poetry and Art to Sweep Audiences Up into Fully Immersive Experience

Texas-based Nonviolenze is the artistic polymath looking to enchant audiences with not just his bewitching jazz-inflected prog songs but his stunning accompanying paintings and poetry. Combining all these artistic elements he is proud to introduce the world to Ghosts of War, the first track from his forthcoming album of the same name, a track which looks to religion as a whole and questions how scriptures of all faiths often lead to division, hate and war. Singer, songwriter, musician and painter, Nonviolenze is a boundary-breaking creative using art to challenge concepts and beliefs.

Born in India and now based in Houston, Texas, Nonviolenze is Shri Baratan, a singer, songwriter and guitarist who fuses rock with jazz, pop and blues to create stunning tracks which evolve into mini worlds in which to explore a myriad of themes. His three-octave vocal range and distinctive fingerpicking and harmonic guitar playing style are married with deeply poetic and philosophical lyrics. Shri is also an extremely talented artist, employing acrylics and oils in his paintings. For his album Ghosts of War, Shri is combining all these elements, each song accompanied by a powerful painting, creating a completely audio-visual experience.

Unconventional yet immediately engaging, Nonviolenze’s debut album, Ghosts of War brings together global electric and acoustic musical styles with challenging social and philosophical commentary, nine tracks which will linger long in the memory. Touching upon subjects such as poverty, politics, human rights and equality, Ghosts of War highlights that what makes each of us different is what should unite us not divide us.

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