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LA SRA. TOMASA - HOULY HOUSY SESSIONS,"Where A Bottle Of Beer Is Mandatory And Your Masks Hit T

Hailing from Barcelona - which is one of the european cities having gone through the strictest confinement laws, the members of Catalan group “LA SRA TOMASA” have not let their time go to waste.

Their new album dropped end of february, and unfortunately, due to the circumstances, their 30+ album release tour has had to be postponed. The group therefore decided to go straight back to the kitchen and cook up some new tracks by inviting a bunch of international musicians to re-interpret some of the songs from their album.

The result is “Houly Housy Sessions” - 4 jazzed up re-interpretations of some of the tracks from their last album “Alegre pero peligrosso”. By using video conferencing technology, they connected with some of the most talented young musicians from all over Spain and latin America. Each track has new instruments and textures added as it jumps from house to house, featuring top Spanish artist like STAY HOMAS, JUANCHO MARQUÉS, SHARIF, JUDIT NEDDERMANN amongst others.

The message from LA SRA TOMASA is clear: Stay at home but let your creativity spread its wings and fly!

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