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Banned from Twitter for Impersonating Katie Hopkins, Karl Phillips & The Rejects Now Take Aim at

Blocked by a host of celebrities and then banned by Twitter itself, Karl Phillips & The Rejects already have history with challenging popular culture but now they take on their biggest opponent yet…the whole country! Ingurland is the band’s brand-new single, taking the nation to task as it flails around wildly, whether it be political incompetence, crackpot conspiracy theorists or right-on hipsters, everyone’s fair game as the Karl Phillips carnival comes to town with its boxing gloves on.

Watch the Video for Ingurland here:

Ingurland is a track that goes far beyond attacking Karl Phillips & The Rejects native land just because its having a dodgy year – it is a pointed strike at the culture of people at all levels of society using negative headlines to further their own agenda and to take serious, worthy causes to benefit their own personal profile.

“The track relates to our awareness that many people live in a negative bubble and use adversity to further their own agenda. The chorus line of ‘you say you love the poor but you really hate the wealthy' personifies this, where people say one thing but their agenda dictates they really mean something else”.

Ingurland is accompanied by a suitably hard-hitting video which sees Karl playing narrator; a racist; a hipster and a conspiracy theorist, bringing together groups who he sees as playing a part in what is helping to turn England into a country which is far from happy and glorious. Based in Northampton, Karl Phillips & The Rejects combine the ferocity of punk, funky zip of ska and street smarts of hip-hop but with an added injection tongue-in-cheek humour, allowing them to take on issues and individuals at their own level.

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