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Cloudy Clouds, The UK’s Answer to Eminem, Issues Lyrical Masterclass Album

Cloudy Clouds has released his debut album, Imprisoned in a Daydream, fourteen tracks during which he stakes a serious claim to the title of one of the UK hip-hop scene’s most cutting-edge, satirical, and socially aware lyricists and performers. Heavy doses of self-deprecating humour; serious social commentary; love; dreamworlds and nights on the town all appear in equal measure, in what can comfortably be called one of the most entertaining, thought-provoking hip-hop albums of the year.

Cloudy Clouds is Mensa-member Claudio Elliston, who, whilst based in the Crouch End area of London, takes his influence from some of hip-hop’s biggest, mould breaking talents, from Eminem to Lupe Fiasco to Sha Stimuli. Never conforming to rap stereotypes, Cloudy Clouds tracks have a brutal honesty without the baggage of fake glamour or soulless commentary – they hit home because they’re come from a very real place, even when sprinkled with his uniquely quirky worldviews and British humour. Highlights on the album include Your Future Daughter, which deals with great candour and sincerity about the UK’s drug laws; Wrote You a Love Song, which showcases not only Cloudy’s lyrical sharpness but also his visual skill with a stunning video; Calling Round, an extraordinary view of a terrorist attack from the perspective of the victim; bystander; radicalised cleric and attacker; and One Night, which proves that amongst all the irreverence, his commercial weight is immense.

Watch the Video for Your Future Daughter here:

Never a man for half-measures, Cloudy Cloud’s album, Imprisoned in a Daydream, drops the same day as his new single, One Night, 29th September. Majestic storytelling stopping off at trap, grime, drill and commercial petrol stations, Imprisoned in a Daydream sees Cloudy Clouds at the peak of his powers.

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