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Straight off the 90’s Time Machine, Boyz on Block Are the Ultimate Nostalgia Trip!

Having first met over 25 years ago, Abz Love (FIVE); Ben Ofoedu (PHATS & SMALL); Dane Bowers (ANOTHER LEVEL) and Shane Lynch (BOYZONE) have united to officially unveil Boyz on Block who will be releasing their first single together on 13th November. A cover of K-Ci & JoJo’s classic R&B track, All My Life, it is a celebration of the band’s combined love of the music which changed so much of their lives during the 1990s, the decade which they now look to bring back to the fore in a time when audiences crave happiness and escapism.

First meeting at Pride in Bolton 25 years ago, Abz, Ben, Dane and Shane became firm friends, in contrast to the public perception of band rivalries and quickly appreciated their chemistry and shared love of pop and R&B. The music of the 1990s provided the soundtrack to their lives and it has stayed with them to the present day, leading them to officially unite to reinterpret some of the tracks which meant so much to them. Their first release is All My Life, originally a hit for KC-I & JoJo in 1998 - it is your first introduction to a project which looks to provide an antidote to COVID gloom and an explosion of 90s feel-good nostalgia, a decade the band feel has not yet been given the credit for the diverse, intelligent, timeless music it produced.

Released on DeeVu Records/Block Records, free from major label interference, Boyz on Block have linked up with ace producer Mike Rose, whose countless 90s hit records, from Kylie to East 17 to S Club 7, made him the perfect choice to capture the authentic feel of the decade. Accompanied by a stellar, cinematic video, All My Life is the first release from Boyz on Block with further singles and an album already being lined up.

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