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SINGLE Chateau Chateau - Hey There

Hey There is a melancholic ballad about the struggles of giving into short-term comfort over long-term consequences. The single starts off calm as the narrator recognizes the flaws in his actions and knowingly makes the wrong decision before the chorus explodes into pleading desperation and eventually giving into an uplifting bridge upon accepting his lack of free will. This sisyphean narrative will have you asking your inner demons “Hey there, how’re doin?” Chateau Chateau is an evolving community of musicians led by power couple Alex and Rachel. With beginnings in an abandoned aerospace warehouse in 2018, Chateau Chateau has grown into Tucson’s favorite self-deprecating-glam-rock band - dusty and sparkly at the same time.

Alex (vocals and guitar) and Rachel (vox and keytar) have perfected the art of playing off of each other's strengths to make the ideal pair. Tom (drums), Jordan (keyboard and guitar), and Zach (bass and guitar) fill out the group. The band works from Alex’s home studio, where they write, demo, and record every song since their debut single, Crisis Party. During those first recording sessions, the band developed their creative bond and technical process, with each member’s insight and personal touch being implemented along the way. In addition to songwriting, the band takes pride in doing everything from start to finish, together, including recording songs, printing shirts, building props, and sewing stage costumes. Crisis Party was independently released in the summer of 2018 and reached remarkable play counts after finding itself on Spotify’s Discover Weekly. Riding the wave of this surprising success, the band released their first EP, Evidence through TCBYML, with singles featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds, New Music Friday, and thousands of other playlists, and they released their debut album this year. The band has often been noted for their colorful, flamboyant, and party-like vibe that is best on display in their wild and freaky live shows. Despite this festive atmosphere surrounding the band, you can find a much darker, sobering, and visceral imagery in their lyrics, as they frequent the deep end of subjects like mental illnesses, addiction, and suicide. The result of this blend between music and lyrics is a self-deprecating dramedy of five self-loathing introverts imploring their audience to sing and dance with them while they shoot confetti cannons and wave a 6’ tall magnifying glass. Hey There is out now!

Composer: Alexander Hamby ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00069

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