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The Mojo Slide Good Man Down Nub Music Release: 30 October 2020

"Having recently returned to attention’s radar with the singles Good Times, & Not In My Name, UK rockers The Mojo Slide now keep ears focused with its successor Good Man Down.The song is also a taken from the band’s new album Manic Panic, a taster which only made an already intrigued appetite a whole touch hungrier. With their first album, Twist Your Bones, an extremely well received 2015 encounter springing a host of eagerly played singles on radio shows and stations worldwide anticipation for its successor has been patient if eager. It is a release which looks like following suit with its lead single already luring great support the way of the band and we only expect Not In My Name to do the same.

Ridiculously infectious and skilfully flirtatious in its grooves and hooks, Not In My Name instantly entangles ears with a great juicy melody, its wire of temptation escaping the guitar of Mike Fennaand soon joined by the melodic lures of fellow guitarist Matt Legg alongside the rhythmic swing of bassist Dan Savage and drummer Michael Graham. Amidst it all vocalist Mark Wilks adds his only creative infection, his voice almost dancing on the strands of sound making up the contagion. Increasingly manipulative by rousing verse and anthemic chorus, Good Msn Down is one of those songs which just gets under the skin, for us eclipsing its predecessor and ensuring the release of new full-length, Manic Panic cannot come soon enough, an encounter you can also soon find us exploring on The RR.." - Pluggin' Baby - The Ringmaster Review Formed in 2011, they released their debut album 'Twist Your Bones' in November 2015 on DO IT Records. The album features a contemporary mixture of classic rock 'n' roll, and blues rooted alternative rock. They have had radio play on BBC, Absolute and Planet Rock, amongst others, and have since signed with Nub Records. The Mojo Slide are:

Mark Wilks (vocals) Mike Fenna (lead guitar) Matt Legg (rhythm guitar) Danny Savage (bass guitar) Michael Graham (drums) PRESS:

"Full of finesse, full of groove, full of funk - it's mojo! It's passion, it's sex!” (Stereola)

“Stunning...” (Rock and Roll Creations)

“A celebration of rock'n'roll’s rich and wild pageantry […] assured and well-conceived” (Repeat Review)

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