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Alt-Rock Artist, InHibit, Releases Breath-taking and Challenging Video to New Single, The Quest

Taking his cue from some of the most influential alt-rock acts of the past three decades, InHibit’s latest single, The Quest, looks to establish him as one of the most challenging new acts to emerge from Europe. Combining ear-twisting melodies, a healthy slug of guitar and a truly visceral video, it’s the perfect introduction to the world for InHibit, whose uncompromising tracks and videos earmark him as one to watch over the coming months.

Watch the Eye-Popping Video to The Quest here:

Based in Brussels, 21-year old Anglo-Belgian singer and composer, InHibit (Noah Roovers), is something of an enigma, describing himself primarily as a poet, though he has studied the piano since he was only five years old. A former racing driver and a qualified lawyer, InHibit’s music and visuals are as unconventional as his background. The video to his latest single, The Quest, presents him as a true outsider – decorated with some stunning, perhaps even startling, scarification (which he is keen to point out, is make-up, not real!). Hurtling towards 400,000 YouTube views in less than one month, The Quest sees InHibit examining the hypocritical reactions of those around him to his real personae and looks and those when he is hidden behind a mask.

Musically touching upon the guitars and vocals of the late 90s alt-rock scene but also incorporating blasts of electronic sound, The Quest is the first of a number of planned releases from InHibit, looking to bring both his deep lyrical content and themes which challenge our views to a world audience. Composed by the artist himself and featuring his keyboard and vocal skills, the video too was his own creation, featuring his scarification designs and storyboard. His first book is to be released shortly, as well as a collection of his poetry.

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