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Edinburgh-based rapper, Conscious Route and Producer, True Note Bring you their Collaborative Debut

Artist: Conscious Route & True Note

Title: Lost Routes

Release: Debut Album Out Now

Lead Tracks: Don’t Call Me; Needles; Cat’s Out the Bag

“I am a big fan of Conscious Route, I have been playing their debut album on repeat at home and the whole thing is outstanding”

Phoebe Inglis-Holmes – BBC Introducing Scotland

“There’s a real depth of knowledge from this album as it tackles a lot of relevant subjects, providing an accurate commentary of this evermore politically charged environment we find ourselves in. This is not a project you want to miss!”

Lloyd Ross – Wordplay magazine

“It’s an incredibly accomplished album, comprising 20 tracks and six short, interview-style skits. Channel 4 has already featured music from the album on its mini documentary series”

Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon – Scotsman / Scotland on Sunday

“A landmark record. Not just in Scottish Hip Hop, but in Scottish music full stop.”

Darren McGarvey – Rapper, Writer, Orwell Prize winner 2018

Lost Routes is the new album from Conscious Route & True Note, the Edinburgh-based duo demonstrating the versatility of their skills as they bring a range of musical styles from hip-hop to grime and drum and bass, with tints of electronica and more. All the while, Conscious Route delivers different flows to speak on a variety of personal and political matters, from mental health and personal struggles to social commentary and experiences from his years in the music industry.

Conscious Route’s abilities as an MC are matched by the rich production of True Note (aka Mert Pearson), as they delve into themes of things that lurk in darkness, both from a metaphorical and a literal perspective.

Delivering uncompromising politicised intellect with a raw street edge, this album is interspersed with short interview skits that provide extra light on the subject matter as Conscious Route manages to bring thought-provoking lyricism without coming off preachy. True Note’s shifting aural backdrop prevents the soundscape from getting stale.

Lost Routes was written and recorded from 2019 into 2020 after Conscious Route took a hiatus from music and features guest vocals from London-born soul singer, Geoffrey Williams who was himself signed to Atlantic Records and saw chart success with a series of singles.

Production-wise, this release calls on live instrumentation from trombonist Chris Greive from the Scottish Jazz Orchestra (‘Mash Up Days’), as well as KT Tunstall’s drummer Cat Myers (‘Everything Test’). True Note himself brings keyboard, bass and vocal additions to the project.

Music from this 20-track release has already been catching attention, with three instrumentals and one full track being picked up by Channel 4 for their mini documentary series, ‘Take Your Knee Off My Neck,’ a response to the killing of George Floyd.

A powerful and personal contemplation on UK life in the 21st Century, this release possesses more than enough bump to take the message to radio and the clubs too.

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