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Michael Jones Releases Timely Anthem for Change, “The Crossroads”

The award-winning poet and song-writer, Michael Jones is to release his new single, The Crossroads, on Friday 13th November, a suitably Devilish date for a track which is an anthem for change at a time when life around the world seems to be poised on a knife-edge. Taken from his forthcoming EP, American Poet Part II, it takes us back to the crossroads we may once have met Robert Johnson, a stopping point at which all of us are asked to make moral choices as to the right road ahead. Considered by Michael to be the sister song to his successful track, This is the Night, it is as beautifully crafted as it is poignant, a song which speaks to all of us at a time when we all look to new beginnings.

“These epic and changing times have brought humanity to The Crossroads. The symbolism of Robert Johnson, trading his soul for the gift of music, is woven into the heart of American folklore. We can all sense that 2020 is a transitional historical moment. The choices we make now may very well determine the fate of our collective human soul. It is from this idea that I wrote The Crossroads”.

As a published poet, Michael has long been determined to bring his talent to music and the reception has been overwhelming – the appetite for genuine songcraft has never been stronger and this is reflected by both critics and music fans alike, with awards for both We Are Soldiers and What is this Life For?, as well as radio play and rave reviews around the world. Michael captures the sound of classic singer songwriters from the 60s, in particular Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson, whilst reawakening one of American music’s most unique historical threads, the role of a poet coming to the world of music. It is his mastery of the written and spoken word which lends a timeless quality to the American Poet projects and which set Michael Jones apart as an artist very much of the present, with his incisive lyrics poignantly commenting on the changing events of the world at a time when nothing seems certain.

Crossroads in just one of the stand-out tracks from his forthcoming EP, American Poet Part II, joining the previous radio hits, Melts Away and Real, another nod to the art he holds so sacred – his recently published book, The Enemy of Everything has been hugely-acclaimed:

Following in the tradition of poets-turned-musician such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison, Michael Jones is an acclaimed writer who now turns to music to cast his spells on audiences, combining a dark and brooding storytelling technique with lyrics and melodies which hit you smack in the face.

“Real poetry is a revolution that can wear many faces. A revolution in language and ideas that can re-order and enlighten the senses. When the right poetic language meets the right musical sound there is magic. Nothing can find its way to the core of the human spirit like a great song, and in modern times, this magic is few and far between. American Poet is about finding that soul and depth, that is too often lost in modern music and seeking listeners who want to connect to songs on a deeper level”.

Watch the Lyric Video for Real here:

Michael Jones was born and raised in North Eastern Pennsylvania and studied literature at Bristol University in the UK, before graduating from Villanova with a BA in Literature and also from Villanova University School of Law. His life has seen him as both a lawyer and an Internet CEO, having founded and built Pepperjam (, which ultimately became an eBay acquisition.

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