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During the first Covid lockdown in spring 2020, TriXstar called out a remix challenge for her 10 years stage anniversary sampler “#TrixStylez”. One of the many great entries that came in as a result has been this wonderful version of her hit single “Beautiful Day”. DJWildSide gave the original track a totally new feel, while keeping the vibe of a beautiful summer day alive.

There’s also a music video for this remix, that collects as much positive summer vibes as possible, to guide us through the darker months of the year.

TriXstar is most commonly known for Jamaican music like dancehall and reggae. She had to fight for her standing in the male-dominated reggae and dancehall scene, but got out of it stronger than ever.

With her raspy voice and her deep alto timbre, TriXstar gives weight to her lyrics. Even if her music is about “seeking and finding love” on first sight, there’s much more to it when looking behind. She especially addresses women, to strengthen them escape gender-specific roles, become a strong member of society and live to their full potential.

TriXstar’s music is catchy and touching. Her songs often invite to dance and take the listener on a journey to a world of love, pain, happiness, and desires. The core and the strength of all songs is a vulnerable soul trying to heal itself and the people around it and therefore gives strength, power, and courage.

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