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Mr.Reaper Thru The Light

SONG DESCRIPTION:. New Single released on July 4th 2020. This song talks about the Dark and Light we experience in our lives. The dark portrays unwanted vibes, aggression and even a sense to stand up to what we face and what I currently see. The light portrays mental and self growth. An evolution or a rebirth in my character. The light side is mainly seen in a positive aspect. It teaches us the ability to heal and improve ourselves and situations. When we have that ephinany, we are thru the light. We understand what needs to be done to improve our outcomes and then we take action on it.

ARTIST BIO: Boasting decades worth of experience in recording music, Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip-hop artist from Woodbridge, VA. He’s been writing and recording since he was just seventeen and breaths a new life into the world of Hip Hop. His low, fast paced bars talk on the daily struggles of life and act as the perfect motivational anthem for anyone going through the daily motions of existence. 2020 is the year of emergence for the artist. After taking a hiatus from his craft in years past, he’s arrived to produce a bolder and even refined sound.


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