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A Cinematic Reinvention of Boom Bap and the Golden Age of Hip-Hop By Reigno!

One-man hip-hop machine Reigno has released his latest single, Three Fours, a blast of raw power and lyrical thunder from an artist who never compromises. From writing and performing to production and even directing his own videos, everything you get from Reigno is the real deal – no filters, just sheer electric talent filling the void in hip-hop for new sounds and ready to re-ignite the scene.

“Nowadays, I feel like your ‘average rapper’ is seen as a shallow/superficial person that only thinks and talks about money, drugs etc. I want to be able to change this view and show that HipHop is more than that. Show that a rapper can be sincere and humane”.

Watch the Video for Three Fours here:

Reigno’s new single, Three Fours is taken from his forthcoming EP, Content with Crazy, a collection of five tracks that take the freshness and invention of prime Dr Dre and Hopsin and adding a cinematic feel. His lyrics could scarcely be more truthful, coming from a period of depression and anxiety he suffered but emerging as inspired and thought-provoking. The death of one of his best friends, in particular, caused a period of intense loss, something reflected powerfully in the track, Nothingness. He channelled this suffering into the release and it emerged with a rather inspiring and thought-provoking introspective dive into his emotions. Unhappy with some of his previous experiences with producers, he honed his own skills until he was happy that he could truly be himself and create the stunning tracks he’s now ready for the world to hear.

Half Dutch and half Filipino, his passion for martial arts have seen him spend 6 months at a Kung Fu training camp in the foothills of the Himalayas and a further two in Thailand – Reigno is not someone who does anything half-heartedly! He has carried through the principles of discipline, rhythm and harnessing positive energy through into the music he creates. Reigno is the artist hip-hop so desperately needed – his EP is released on 7th May.


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