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From Child Girl Group to Electro Punk – The Mad Game Release Debut EP "Player One"

"Freedom, truth, and love, these are the things worth fighting for: the rest is just a Mad Game." They've collided with governments, security services, and the local mafia. Together, animated group The Mad Game fightback from the heart of Ukraine, against folly they have witnessed time and again, with an electronic-soaked devilish glee on their debut EP Player One.

A group like no other, The Mad Game operate as a multimedia middle finger to 'The Mad Game' – society's absurdities that have become our day-to-day realities. For band members, Sudo (Composer, Producer, Vocals), Karla (Vocals, Composer), and Sonya (A&R, Project Direction), this hits particularly close. Against the backdrop of late and post-soviet rule, 'golden child' Karla joined the Mickey Mouse Club in Ukraine, graduating to concerts across the UK, US, and Europe. Karla used her stardom for good performing at concerts to raise awareness of Ukraine's brutal orphanage conditions. Her growing star was almost extinguished by corruption and abuse, eventually having to flee Ukraine after a systemic campaign of threats. She now returns, determined to fight back with her talent and music as part of The Mad Game. Her drive is further supported by Sudo and Sonya, the other two pillars of the project who bring their own potent experiences into the mix. Sudo channels a deep-rooted suspicion of authority into his production, stemming from multiple confrontations with power, indifference, and corruption. Honed by post-soviet Crimean chaos, Sonya focuses the project with her sharp mind and perception, the very qualities that outwitted threats to her life and freedom. The group's tenacious spirit is on show more than ever on their single Game Over. Its sound is rooted in electronic and its heart is rooted in punk, the track opens with Karla's reverberating vocals. Heavy synths pulse throughout the single punctuated by a bass that will shake you to your core and a message that will do the same. Audiences can plug into The Mad Game when their debut EP Player One releases 12/11/21.


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