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In Signs Release Dark and Atmospheric Anthem, “Bloom”

Bloom is the new single by Kyiv-based rock band In Signs and introduces a much darker edge to sound and looks to build on the worldwide airplay of their previous single, Knock Knock. Having recently expanded their number to include a full-time drummer, In Signs have also moved to a new studio and the changes to their sound are evident on Bloom, shimmering with tension amongst shadowy atmospheric synths and guitars before exploding into a yearning chorus.

“The song Bloom was created and finalised a few months ago when the most strict lockdown was in Kyiv. ‘Bloom’ is a little bit darker than the others and this will be a reminder of that time for us.

‘I wrote the song a few years ago but now it’s time to release it. I didn’t change the lyrics but somehow they feel in the right place now. This song was written long ago, before the quarantine but it now feels like “Bloom’ is about covid. I wrote it in bad times, I felt so empty that I just can’t have a normal conversation with friends. I faced misunderstanding and lies. I was very angry and I wrote ‘Bloom’ in a very short time. This song is very emotional to me and I hope that In Signs can carry across the idea of it. Bloom is dedicated to people who feel themselves locked in the room everyday they face bloom.”


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