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Jazz Musician Fiona Ross Releases Album "Red Flags Flags and High Heels"

Celebrated contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross returns with the aptly named album Red Flags and High Heels – a 14-track project that drips with the sophistication and wry charm that's come to adorn Ross to audiences across the world.

Reviving the Rita Hayworth golden era of female icons, Ross' irresistibly anachronistic charm dresses the very best of 21st Century production with the gritty fun of a smoky ballroom with an otherworldly woman to lead it all.

Sentimental at heart, it is no surprise that the musicians Fiona works with on her self-composed, arranged, and produced music are her previous students. With talent to spare, Ross previously served as Head of British Academy of New Music where she looked after artists such as Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora after herself training at the Arts Educational School with the notable Julie Andrews, Angel Lansbury, and Catherine Zeta-Jones amongst their alumni.

Red Flags and High Heels serves as the perfect demonstration of Ross' range. From rip-roaring, swing inspired powerhouses to an emotional piece dedicated to the artist's mother, the album takes listeners on a whirlwind journey through sentimentality and inspired production.

The piece follows the success of Fiona's previous album Fierce and Non-Compliant and earlier discography for which she was awarded International Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2020 (International Singer-Songwriter Association), Global Music award for 'Fierce and Non-Compliant', Best Jazz Song (World Songwriting Awards), Parliamentary Jazz Media Award for Women in Jazz Media, and a Global Music Award for 'Fiona Ross: the Live Sessions'.

A child of the stage, Fiona grew up training in the arts and performing across the West End, adverts, and films, landing her first lead at the age of 8. Now, Red Flags and High Heels is every bit the product of a true artist spending their lifetime honing their craft and listeners can expect nothing less.

"Music has always been who I am and what I do. I have been very, very fortunate in that respect and strive to use my platform as an advocate for equality and diversity for all."


October 6th: Pizza Express Soho, London – Album Launch.

October 30th: Toulouse Lautrec, London.

November 19th: EFG London Jazz Festival, Karamel Club, London.


'Ross's lyric phrasing, vocal register and arrangements deliver brilliant presence and form'Music Interview Magazine

'Fiona reaches into another stratosphere'Music Interview Magazine

'Technical virtuosity and that raw emotional drive, of an artist at the height of her game' Jazz Quarterly

'It's powerful and stunning jazz Quarterly

'The album-equivalent of fireworks display'Jazz Quarterly

'Fierce and Non-Compliant, and honest and true and oh so very talented Maxine Gordon

'Ross totally owns the music jazz Views

'If being non-compliant produces music like this then count me in' Jazz Views

'Fiona Ross knows how to make an album jazz Views

'Fiona's powerful vocals command the hair on the back of my neck to stand to attention kind of Jazz

'This is the UK artist that just keeps giving us great and compelling music' Kind of Jazz

'each tune is a polished facet that is only one part of this diamond, but together shines so bright it will be seen from afar' Kind of Jazz

'Every day should begin with something unexpected, and this album embarks on the unknown journey. This album is your companion for the journey unknown' Kind of Jazz

'Her style is poetic and the messages ooze with Millennial angst'Jazz weekly

'Her talents are simply extraordinary' Kind of Jazz

'Jazz artist extraordinaire'Indie Music Women

'Perfectly pitched vocal gymnastics that will leave you breathless music Interview Magazine


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