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Juicy roots Reggae, slow, meditative sounds, powerful melodies, atmospheric dub. Those who know the label "Yutman Records" and the young Berlin musician Jon Moon, might recognize some titles off the upcoming EP. The first single "Brighter Day" was released digitally in May and a few weeks later, Moon dedicated "Messenjah" to the deceased Vaughn Benjamin aka. Akae Beka.

In total, the EP, named "Brighter Day" after it’s first single, contains six tracks and two dub-versions. The recording of the vocals and instruments, as well as the mixing for the EP took place at Planet Earth Studios in Berlin, all by the founder of "Yutman Records" himself. Each song stems from a very personal place for the singer, musician, songwriter and producer Jon Moon. In his music, Moon sings about the Rastafarian spirit, role models like Vaughn Benjamin and his positive attitude towards life. At the same time he shares political content paired with spirituality and meditation. We are looking forward to an EP with real depth!

For the EP’s only feature, Jon Moon has reunited with Cape Town-based artist Crosby Bolani. Shortly before the corona lockdown, the two wrote a riddim together with the legendary South African “Azania Band”, but had to complete the song spatially and temporally separated between Berlin and Cape Town, due to the pandemic. The result is “Economical Crisis”, a song that focuses on the current global situation.


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