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Killing Kenny Album is “Exactly Different” in All the Right Ways

"Killing Kenny certainly showcases he’s an artist that means business" - New Noise

"Creating an album that will inspire others to never give up on their ambitions" - The Sunday Post

As Featured in Daily Record

Having had radio play across the world and extensive coverage in national press such as The Daily Record and Sunday Post, Killing Kenny is to release his debut album, Exactly Different. Released on 26th March (and on digital platforms on 29th) Exactly Different features 11 tracks, including two stellar cover versions of Soft Cell’s Say Hello, Wave Goodbye and Bruce Springsteen’s Land of Hope and Dreams, alongside original tracks which traverse the musical spectrum, from rock to country, to soulful ballad, each packed to the gills with infectious melodies and powerful lyrics.

“It is difficult not to be influenced by the music you grew up with and loved and still listen to today, or by the variety of excellent new artists in the music business today. Having a very eclectic and varied taste in the music I listen to, aspects of each style or genre seep into my music writing process which ultimately gives my songs a nostalgic feeling or a recognisable style to them, whilst still being new and hopefully enjoyable material”.

Killing Kenny (Glasgow-based Ken Sunter) has gone where few dare to tread – some thirty years after giving up on his dreams of being a rock star, he has returned to the studio, determined to make good on his commitment to releasing the music that has lived within him all this time. Documenting his return to music in a series of YouTube videos that have more twists than your average soap opera, he has caught the attention of legendary Scottish producer, John McLaughlin releasing his first single, These Streets, a stunning, Springsteen-Esque rock song which brought him to national attention, including The Sunday Post. Follow-ups, Soul Find a Way, showed his skill at handling a heartfelt ballad with truly poignant lyrics, whilst 4th of July went deep into Nashville, showing that Country is an equally good platform for his storytelling style. His latest single, We Stand Together championed the heroes of the COVID lockdown and received extensive airplay worldwide.

“It feels strange at the age of 53 to be talking about a debut album, however, this collection of songs entitled "Exactly Different" is "exactly" that. A collection of 9 original songs each designed to reflect a style of music and drawn from a period in my life from the age of 13, when I first started playing music, to today. The album also includes two cover versions as a homage to artists I admire and times I enjoyed.

The making of this album has been all things. An opportunity to meet and work with some new very talented and established people, all of whom have been incredibly helpful, supportive and encouraging. A great therapy by immersing myself back into writing and recording new music. Above all a great sense of joy and inspiration to never stop doing what you enjoy and to always pursue what you love to do”.

Ken Sunter joined a succession of bands from the early 80s to the late 90s, changing style but never losing his passion for writing songs, whether in his own band or for others. Then, as with so many artists…life began to get in the way. A successful career, a million miles away from the glamour of rock n roll, beckoned and years passed but his love of writing songs never left him but remained untapped.

When Ken Sunter saw an opportunity to pick up a life in music that he feared had gone forever, he took it with both hands. However, he wanted to do more than simply release the music he has dedicated himself to writing for over thirty years – he wanted to tell the whole story of his journey, from his first tentative steps to catching the attention of ace Scottish music producer John McLaughlin, who has previously written and produced global megastars such as Sir Rod Stewart, Westlife and Busted and who has hailed Ken has an artist who has everything it takes to become a huge star himself. His journey is documented on an ongoing series of insightful videos on his YouTube channel and is a fascinating glimpse at the real world of an artist looking to make his mark.

Watch the Video for These Streets by Killing Kenny here:

Bruce Springsteen - Land of Hope and Dreams

“I have grown up with the music of Bruce Springsteen, with The River released in 1980, one of the first albums that inspired me to get into music at an early age. I had always wanted to record an E Street Band style song, complete with saxophone, and the opportunity arose for John McLaughlin to call on some of his musician contacts, who were in lockdown, to record a version of one of my favourite songs”.

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

“I remember this song from school in 1981, when the start of the 1980's sound began to kick in. Always liked the tune and it brings back great memories of very happy times for me growing up. I wanted to keep the sound still very 1980's with an uncluttered version of the tune”.

1. These Streets

2. We Stand Together

3. Soul Find A Way

4. The 4th of July

5. Another Day

6. Say Hello Wave Goodbye

7. That's Why I'm Telling You Now

8. Living Ghosts

9. The Innocents

10. I Won't Let You Down

11. Land Of Hope And Dreams

John McLaughlin - Producer

Andy Shaw - Co Producer and Mixed By

Andy Shaw - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals.

Stevie Morrison - Drums

Paul Silver - Saxophone

Gavin Broom - Trumpet

Zeb Tonkin - Trombone

Nicole Simpson - Backing Vocals


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