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Lifestyle Guru Karen Ruimy is set to swap Flamenco for Jazz covers with upcoming EP "Black Coffee"

Karen Ruimy is the definition of multifaceted. Undertaking many paths in her life, from an author, singer-songwriter, dancer and creative director of the lifestyle brand KALMAR she is ready to launch into a new type of creative expression. She is set to release a selection of covers in both English and French in the form of Black Coffee, a six-track EP that turns songs from varying genres into smooth Jazz ballads with a Latin flair. After 7 years working in the bond market, Karen embarked on a spiritual quest which led her to become a dancer and singer performing the acclaimed dance piece Zik’r and other successful shows including Flamen’ka, in Paris, India, Morocco, London and at the Edinburgh festival. She has written several spiritual books, launched a spiritual App and also created the much-loved and sought-after lifestyle, fashion and beauty brand Kalmar.

After releasing several albums, starting with Flamenka (La musique du spectacle) in 2006, Karen is now set to release 2 cover EPs with tracks in English and French with more of an ambient Jazz twist. The last produced material from the eminent producer Phil Ramone made before he passed away in 2013. Youth (Killing Joke and Paul McCartney's band member in The Fireman) and Tim Bran (London Grammar etc.) have added additional production. The result is a decadent selection of covers that more than stand on their own, covering The Mamas & the Papas to Radiohead and some french classics in between. The first EP will be called 'Back Coffee' and is set for release on June 18th, with the first single also titled 'Black Coffee' set for release May 21st.

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