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Mark J GiddenFool YourselfNub MusicRelease: 19 February 2021

Mark J Gidden is a singer-songwriter from St. Albans, UK. Originally influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and Pixies, Mark fronted Peterborough based band Traveller before getting involved in various other projects, including playing the drums for Emery, and as lead singer for North London band Twenty81.

Now signed to Nub Music, Mark released his debut album 'Have You Heard?' in 2019 and performed many of the tracks at acoustic gigs in and around the capital.

Away from the live scene, Mark has been busy recording in 2020, and his second album 'Fool Yourself' is due to out early next year, featuring the singles 'Non Profit', 'Disaffected', 'You Dress Quite Well' and twelve other new songs. Listen out for Mark on The Quite Great Radio Show Hosted By JJ Kane FRSA


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