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Messias and the Hot Tones: You Wrote

From the small village of Alhandra in Portugal, Messias started as a piano player at just 8 years old, but the guitar took its place quickly. After starting to perform live as a background guitar player, quickly the audience surrendered to his voice and unique guitar playing becoming a frontman. As a young musician, he led weekly jam sessions for 6 years where the audience nicknamed him the “Hot Tone”. Messias is a singer, composer and guitar player that truly inspires audiences with a strong voice and wonderful guitar performances. “Messias and the Hot Tones” were created in 2003. Some of the band musicians, play with Messias for more than 20 years. In 2013 releases his first album “No more than me” that reached “Top 10” in the “Blues Matters” magazine and had worldwide presentations. (Lisbon, New York, Cannes, Madrid, Kiev, Odessa, Horsens, etc.) In 2017 he was selected to represent Portugal at the European Music Challenge along with 21 other countries. In 2018 he released his second album “Out of trouble” supported by SmoothFM from Media Capital Radio Group as official radio. In 2019 he was invited to make the opening of the European Blues Challenge in the Azores.

In 2020 songs like "You wrote" and "Sail with me" were released. For more info visit the official web:

LABEL: IN2BLUE - Productions Lda



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