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Moogs, Korgs & Rocketships! Wavewulf Explores the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy

“An intersecting narrative of the cosmic and the personal told with classic synths and synthpop vocals. There’s much to enjoy in the sprawling sci-fi synth cascades” – Electronic Sound

“A terrific album which really showcases the synthesizer as an instrument with endless possibilities and an artist who has the imagination to match” – Sonic News

Listen to Wavewulf’s Space Art and Angels here:

Synth wizard, Wavewulf’s latest album, Space Art and Angels, is a journey through space, time and life and sees the New Jersey analogue king charging up his bank of vintage keyboards to set sail across the Milky Way! Following from the success of his previous album, Green Decay, which received radio play and rave reviews around the world, Space Art and Angels see Wavewulf at the peak of his powers, creating hugely atmospheric soundscapes which both take you on a journey through the stars whilst also packing an emotional punch, using his sounds to express the grief he felt at the loss of his parents.

Based in New Jersey, Wavewulf’s (Nicholas Long) passion for synths has seen him amass a personal collection of Korgs, Moogs and other analogue treasures which would grace many a technology museum. From honing his skills as synth player in local bands growing up in Arkansas to his Damascene moment seeing Depeche Mode play live, he has over time become a one-man keyboard warrior, forming his own atmospheric works influenced by heroes from the 60s to the present day. Following in the footsteps of his sound engineer father, he has set up his own home studio, Passing Note and it is where the magic is formed.

Wavewulf's latest album Space Art and Angels is a journey through outer space, the cosmos, dimensions beyond our own and to also explore the human condition and soul. Besides the environmental, political and philosophical themes in his music, Wavewulf says that composing and recording music has been a way for him to emotionally deal with his parents’ deaths and to explore questions of life, death, the human condition, the soul, the universe and love.

As always, Wavewulf delivers textured, layered soundscapes and shifting tones which bring to mind electronic innovators such as Brian Eno; Wendy Carlos and the kosmiche musik sounds of bands like Faust, Can and Kraftwerk.

Side I:

  1. Space Capsule

  2. Waverunner Symphony

  3. Reflections and Refractions

  4. Ar(ificial) 2600

  5. Voyagers

  6. Ride on the Milky Way

  7. Venus’s Winter Light III

  8. Ghosts of the Past

Side II:

  1. My One True love

  2. Planetarium

  3. Angels Playing

  4. The Motion of Emotion

  5. Streets of My Town

  6. Souls Rush

  7. Aim for the Stars

  8. Floating Above the Night


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