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Retro Queen, Jade Moss, Releases Dance Remixes to Radio Hit, Hey Babe

As Heard on Jazz FM and Across the BBC

Listen to Hey Babe by Jade Moss here:

Remix Streaming links:

Having received airplay on Jazz FM, BBC Bristol, BBC London, BBC Leeds and countless more in the UK and beyond, Jade Moss has released two remixes of her track, Hey Babe. Having made her name as a fearless entrepreneur in the world of fashion and textiles and her music career looks to continue the trend, wowing audiences with her mix of nostalgia, glamour and attitude. Her latest single, Hey Babe, talks about true love in a disposable and shallow world and about meeting someone new and making it clear to be careful how they play their cards when they have a queen in their hands. Wrapped up in a sound that blends classic, sultry jazz with pop and trip-hop, it’s the perfect introduction to an artist who never takes ‘no’ for an answer.

At the age of 18, Jade traded her hometown in Yorkshire for the heart of London, determined to make her mark. She unleashed her creative soul in designing clothes and even opened her own boutiques, travelling the world and taking inspiration from everywhere she went. Her designs have featured in major high street stores as well as huge online retailers, mixing old retro design with colourful contemporary fashions to create a look entirely her own. She has brought this mindset to her music, already aware of her raw and unique singing voice, Jade rediscovered her true purpose after the birth of her daughter, Blue.

“The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth”.

Influenced by Etta James, Grace Jones, Lauren Hill and many more, the catchy melodies and lyrics that stuck in Jade’s head translated well when recording her songs. Her style is described as an eclectic arty mix-up between the ’80s and 1940s, giving off retro vibes. This original sound brings her emotional, real-life heartbreak stories to life with warm jazzy vocals that hug the soul.

‘Hey Babe’ is written by Jade, composed by Milano based musician Etto and arranged and mixed by Vito de Luca from Aeroplane in Brussels. The song is featured on the upcoming EP Only you to be released on GlaGlaRecords in April this year.


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