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Ryan Soanes Releases Stand-Out Track from New Pop- Punk Album

Based in Norwich, UK, Ryan Soanes’ pop-punk/emo album, The Journey has already been getting a great response from his ardent fanbase and beyond and he is now to release one of the stand-out tracks, Call My Name as a single, along with a suitably atmospheric video. Combining synths and guitars to create a sound that is both melodic and powerful, Ryan’s lyrics really set him apart from the crowd, capturing his inner thoughts and making them really resonate. Diagnosed autistic as a child, his music is both a way to express himself and a way of helping others cope with mental health issues of their own.

Happy to create music that doesn’t neatly fit into the pop pigeonhole but still making music that is thrillingly catchy and commercial but retaining a roc edge, Ryan Soanes is a true music obsessive. Dedicating to creating songs to help raise awareness of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, his recently released album, The Journey, raised money for the charity, Samaritans. A way of giving back to his friends, family and supporters who helped him through difficult times, he wants his tracks to provide inspiration and escape for people also needing help. Ryan describes the story behind Call My Name in his own words:

“The song was originally written years ago before I even released music, it was written as a love song to a girl I was dating at the time, however, in recent times when I decided to rework the song, I had broken up with the girl... this gave the song a whole new meaning and vibe completely, it’s a happy song that went sad, now the meaning is as followed; the main character is going through/has gone through a breakup and realises their fault, they regret it all and want to reach out to their ex to be on good terms, however, they can’t find the words to justify their apology or feelings, the girl refuses to reply or give him another chance (“hello my dear I’m standing here waiting on you / I’m facing my fears waiting on you”), this is a personal experience to me”.


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