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Sisa Me will release their new single "Tic Tac ft. Avia Shoshani & Lengualerta" on January 15th, 2021. The song is a groovy mix of ska, funk and pop. The single is the fourth release from Sisa Mes debut EP "Seeing The Good In The Bad".

“Tic Tac” is a musical wake-up call to save our environment. Even if the topic has slipped significantly into the background due to the current pandemic, it is more current than ever. The song was written during a spontaneous session with Lengualerta on his last European tour. Lengualerta is one of the most influential political activists and singers in the Latin American reggae scene. His music is also known in Europe and was released on the legendary german dub label "Echo Beach".

Sisa Me is a collective of Berlins finest indie- and reggae musicians and producers such as Gidon Carmel (Children, Alberta Cross, Amistat), Alexander Brechow (illbilly Hitec) or Claudio Jolowicz (Bitty McLean, Ken Booth, Magic Touch). They are here to bring the organic back into pop music. Melodic hooks backed by a full horn section, jagged guitars and heavy bass form a genre-bending cocktail of singer-songwriter pop and dub, free from pigeon holes and labels.


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