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StarMoney Goes from Top Dog to Catfish!

Teaming up with Snap Capone, StarMoney has released his new single, Catfish, debuting on GRM Daily and racking up the views on the steamy video! StarMoney is everything you see – no gimmicks; no fakery; no BS, just an artist who is looking to make a positive difference in life and entertaining audiences along the way. Catfish is his response to all the fakers on Instagram and beyond who pretend to have lavish lifestyles but where the reality is completely different. StarMoney is looking to establish himself in the music world in the same way he has as one of the most respected breeders of American Bulldogs in the country and the first to introduce them to the UK!

“Catfish is about the fake portrayal. For example, someone might be pretending to be a real gangster or a rich person in flesh or on the internet but in reality that is not what they are really about. Nowadays there are a lot of guys out there pretending to be gangsters or rich bawlers when really they are not. Instead, they fool the public by using their Instagram pretending to be someone of money and power on the streets or even off the streets and they use this act to gain status, publicity and fame”.

Having worked his way up to become one of the most respected breeders of American Bulldogs in the UK, StarMoney is determined to enjoy similar success in his music career by using the same principles – accepting nothing less than perfection and delivering to people exactly what he promises. Catfish calls out the many fakers he has seen in his life and sets the stage for an artist who is looking to create conscious music to inspire people to look at life positively, especially young people. After lockdown StarMoney is looking to create a kid’s fun day for parents to bring out their kids to socialise, play, and interact with each other, whatever their race or background. He is determined that the younger generation realise there is more to life than drugs, knives and gun crime.

StarMoney’s own life has seen its fair share of negativity but even though he is incorporating both Trap and Drill into his sound, genres that regularly focus on the darker side of life, the aim is to send out positive messages and make a real difference.


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