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Steady Rollin’s Forthcoming Single Introduces the Accordion as the New Electric Guitar!

“Powerful, compelling blues, ‘Impossible’ follows on from the hugely popular track ‘When the Judgement Comes’ and its super-charged dance remix courtesy of Elyse Rich, set a course from 80s synth pop to modern flourishes of stomping delight, all wrapped around the pounding, relentless rock of Steady Rollin’. The Steady Rollin’ train will be pulling into a station near you before you know it…”

New Noise

“Fresh from winning over their native Latin America, Blues-rock titans Steady Rollin’ are getting ready to take on the world…the warm, fuzzy vibe of standalone recent single ‘Impossible’ is the sound of a band in their element.”

Music Week

“…twists between emotional blues, agile, sinuous rock & alternative power.”

Blues Matters Magazine

Watch the Video here:

Steady Rollin has announced their forthcoming single, Donde Te Has Metido (Where Have You Gone) their first Spanish-language track and one which is destined to catapult the El Salvadoran rockers into the musical stratosphere. Taken from their sophomore long-player, Stories, expected in Summer 2021, it proves that language is no barrier when it comes to great music and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time! Once again, the band combine their effortless skills with catchy melodies with universally uplifting, blues-inflected classic rock to create something both familiar and refreshingly new. Only Steady Rollin’ can bring you a track with a guitar duelling with an accordion!

Listen to the track here:

“Donde Te Has Metido (meaning “where have you gone”) is our first song in Spanish and the first song written for the second album (Stories). It’s a playful song about a man who meets a woman at a museum. He’s kind of uptight and she is very playful and starts flirting with him - he’s not used to this and is immediately captivated by how much “life” is in her and how she fills the space with light and laughter. They start a relationship and she gives him her heart and allows him, for the first time in his life, to be exactly as he is.

The relationship continues and he cannot believe that this woman who captivates everyone is actually “his”. Eventually, they are no longer together and he asks “Donde Te Has Metido”. The ending is dramatic because he says he sees her in his dreams, can’t get her off his mind and all he CAN do is love her and continues asking: “Where have you gone”. ‘Metido’, even more than ‘gone’, means “hidden” …where are you hiding” – Fernando Poma

2020 was an extraordinary year for rock trio, Steady Rollin. Releasing a series of singles and videos, from their debut album, Love and Loss, they succeeded in expanding their huge El Salvadoran fanbase into Europe and beyond, audiences of all ages drawn to their classic rock dynamics which touches upon the raw, blues-infused sounds of 70s giants like The Who and Cream whilst allowing their deft skill at songwriting to take on a life on its own. Singer and guitarist, Fernando Poma has taken inspiration from the music and philanthropy of guitar God Eric Clapton throughout his life and the music Steady Rollin’ create pay tribute to his skills as both a musician and a person. Though lockdown has limited their opportunities to play live, they have taken their commitment to unfiltered, pure musicianship and power into the studio, firmly rejecting technological trickery and focusing on the instrumental skills of the band and a return to real rock music that packs a punch.

Comprising Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals, Gerardo Pardo on bass and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals, Steady Rollin have already captured the hearts of minds of audiences across their native El Salvador and South America and now look to continue to spread their message to the rest of the world. Guitarist and vocalist, Fernando Poma, has played music for as long as he can remember, moving on from the drums as a young child through to an obsessive fascination for guitars which still exists today. He feels music has always been his calling, a passion that is tangible in every song he performs.

Benjamin Andrade’s interest in music started back in 1994 when he started listening to Led Zeppelin, Rush, Metallica and other rock bands. His talent has driven him to establish several successful music bands, such as Kroma, Ultraviolet and Alter Ego. Nowadays, he is committed to Steady Rollin’ and to his role as Yamaha Music’s official drumming representative for El Salvador. Gerardo Pardo is a professional bass and guitar player, adding expertise and a melancholic note to Steady Rollin’s compositions. Fernando is regarded as a champion of El Salvadorian music scene, helping to give local bands the opportunity to play live around the capital, San Salvador.

¿Dónde Te Has Metido?

“Tú me viste, yo te vi en aquel salón, y me gustaste al verte.

Sonreíste, jugabas a muecas sin razón, y yo quería tenerte.

Tú me diste, tú me diste el corazón, y ahora ten el mío.

Me dejaste, ser un loco con pasión, y me apartaste el frio.

¿Dónde Te Has Metido?

Hola, por qué andas tan sola, mi vida vaciaste de todo sentido, no paro de pensarte, ni de alabarte, en cada amanecer.

Hola, no sé si andas sola, me hinco y te pido, regresa conmigo, un perro perdido, sin rumbo abatido, en cada atardecer.

Caminabas, infectabas de emoción, tu vibra compartías.

Te miraba, y no entendía la situación, el hecho que eras mía.

¿Dónde Te Has Metido?

Si tú fuiste esa mujer, que me dio razón de ser, ¿dónde te has metido?

En mis sueños te encontré, pero al despertar se fue, me sentí vacío.

Algún día te olvidaré, o tal vez nunca podré, me dirá el destino.

Para mientras te amaré, no sé qué otra cosa hacer, por más que he querido”.

Where have you been?

“You saw me, I saw you in that room, and I instantly liked you.

You smiled, you were making silly faces for no reason, and I wanted to hold you.

You gave me, you gave me your heart, and now have mine.

You let me be a passionate madman, and you pushed the cold away from me.

Where have you been?

Hello, why are you so lonely, my life you emptied of all meaning, I do not stop thinking about you, nor praising you, at each dawn.

Hello, I do not know if you are alone, I kneel and ask you, come back to me, a lost dog, aimlessly downcast, on every sunset.

You walked, infectious emotion, you shared your vibe.

I looked at you, and did not understand the situation, the fact that you were mine.

Where have you been?

If you were that woman, who gave me the reason for being, where have you been?

In my dreams I found you, but upon waking up it was gone, I felt empty.

Someday I will forget you, or maybe not, destiny will tell,

In the meantime, I will love you, I do not know what else to do, as much as I have wanted.”


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