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“Crisis" is the first single and video from the 7th studio album by critically acclaimed social activist and lyricist, Taj Weekes. The single and video drops on Friday, July 16th, and will be followed by the “Pause” album, scheduled for release on August 9.

As a songwriter, recording and performing artist, Taj is well known for his consistent social activism both musically and in life works. Taj has dedicated many years working on behalf of underprivileged children. In 2005, he founded the nonprofit organization They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO), dedicated to improving the lives of Caribbean children through various initiatives. His humanitarian work has been recognized by several organizations and international agencies, including the UN, and in 2020 the Government of Saint Lucia appointed Taj Weekes as Goodwill and Brand Ambassador, giving him the title “His Excellency Taj Weekes”.

“Come on the water is safe, no need for testing. If you come out late we’ll lose investments, but a siren is a sign of crisis. People first, that’s what you say. Action speaks, and we hear very clear”. Words are taken from the single “Crisis”, and a perfect representation of the positive thought-provoking message that has become the Taj Weekes trademark.

“Crisis” is a haunting reflection of psychic stress caused by the past year of death and destruction. The single is released on the Jatta Records label, and the music video will be premiered by Reggaeville on Friday, July 16.


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