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The Florida RecountsUp n AtomNub MusicRelease: 5 February 2021

Originally a gigging band in London and then in Pompey, things were on the up when the new line up made the final of the prestigious Wedgewood Room Showcase and came second. Then Covid happened! “Lockdown came with so many challenges, worries and obstacles,” Dan says. “My biggest challenge was to keep my school teaching going online, as well as being in school to look after the children of Portsmouth’s key workers.” But it also provided an opportunity: “I had a lot of time sitting at my computer and needed something to keep me sane and vibrant. Clearly, gigs, rehearsals and jamming were out of the picture. So I came up with the idea of a largely upbeat collection of songs, some old some new, and make an album that would make want to get up and at ‘em!”

Dan worked largely alone but was able to get some help. “I struggle with my vocals, so I was really happy that my fellow bandmate Sammy Wood could send me some sweet harmonies and lead vox. I also brushed off a really old demo, 'Writer’s Block Rock’ which my good friend Darby Todd played the drums on - I just had to keep that performance because Darbs is a far far better drummer than I!” Covering topics like playing dingy Camden venues, domestic sexual politics, other people’s children, not being played on the radio and the more typical fare of lust, love and loss, Up ’n Atom is a fresh and vibrant album of intensely catchy ear-worms. Come in from the cold. Leave with a smile.


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