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TOBY & PIP - New Single – ‘Little Lady’

‘Little Lady’ is an autobiographical song based on the early experience of parenthood of husband-and-wife duo, Toby & Pip and is written as a declaration to their daughter Josie, who inspired this upbeat and uplifting track. It is a joyful song and one they hope will bring joy to others. Josie seems to like it which is a good start!

Their newly released second single is about the transformation people go through when they become parents for the first time - how a new life can change the way you view the world and yourself. How it makes you want to be the best you can be and do the best you can do for your child.

Watch the Video for Little Lady here:

About the Music Video:

Since the birth of their little lady, Toby has filmed one second of her life every day on his phone (he continues to do so) and the music video (released today) is made entirely from these daily ‘snapshots’. Toby & Pip choose their favourite clips for the music video (Top 100-ish) keeping chronological order, so we see her starting on day one as a newborn baby, growing up, learning to walk, talk and run, all the way up to the date of the single’s release.

Two-and-a-half years of her life in two-and-a-half minutes, this feel-good video captures some of the joys of parenting and being part of a child’s early years.


Toby & Pip are a London folk-pop duo who are also a married couple. They have been making music together since they met ten years ago. Pip has a music degree and is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who took up the ukulele when they went travelling after getting married. Toby has been writing songs & playing the guitar since 2002 and as a solo singer-songwriter has released 3 EPs and played some of London’s best live music venues and shared the stage with great bands and artists likes The Dunwells, Tom Chaplin, and Philippa Hanna in the UK as well as The Brevet and several other up and coming bands in the US.

Over the years they have combined their musical talents and shared experiences to craft a unique & authentic sound filled with catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies. Their self-written songs are inspired by a mix of musical influences including Pip’s classical music background and upbringing as the daughter of world-renowned classical composer Paul Patterson and Toby’s singer-songwriter experience as well as their shared love of cheesy pop, classic rock & folk music. Their thoughtful and passionate songs have moved and inspired audiences both online and live in-concert and stuck in the head of many listeners!

‘Little Lady’ is their second official single.

About the Recording:

The song was written & recorded by Toby & Pip with a good friend (and legendary jazz artist) Anthony Strong producing the song, providing piano & other instrumentation & arrangements.

Drums were recorded in Denmark by Joel Stumbaugh.

All guitars, Ukulele & vocals performed by Toby & Pip.

It was recorded & produced in London & is self-released under their own label Peaches Records.


Guitars & Vocals: Toby

Ukulele & Vocals: Pip

Drums: Joel Stumbaugh

Piano & other instruments: Anthony Strong

Arranged & Produced by Anthony Strong

Instagram: @TobyAndPip

TikTok: @TobyAndPip




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