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Tom Tikka - Heart's On Fire

Tom Tikka is the frontman and chief songwriter for the Finnish pop-rock duo, The Impersonators. The pair has enjoyed massive success on streaming platforms and iTunes charts, around the globe. Now, Tikka is poised to release a brand new solo album with the Hubcaps. The first single, "Heart's On Fire" is available now. The track is a BIG rock production, think U2 meets Big Country, with a retro indie-rock flavour, and sing-along pop melodies. It is an anthem for the ages!

“Heart’s On Fire” was a song I wrote after I had lunch with an old friend last fall. We had a wonderful time catching up and talking about our glory days. After we had brought each other up to speed on what was going on in our lives, the conversation turned to our mutual friends and the inevitable gossip session began. It was so much fun! I was in touch with some of the old gang he hadn’t seen for years and vice versa. I loved discovering what had become of our long lost, high school friends. It’s actually quite interesting how each generation thinks they are going to be the first generation that’s completely different from their parents. We did this too, my friend and I concurred. Yet, it seemed that most of us had indeed become exactly like our parents. There was one exception among us, my friend pointed out, someone who was still on the same path, doing exactly what he was doing in high school. I asked him who this person was. He looked at me and said, “Well, you. Your dad wanted you to become a lawyer or a businessman and here we are twenty-five years down the road and you are still making records.” I hadn’t really given it any thought but I realized my friend was right. While so much had changed, I was still the same in many ways: a guy wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket, raving on about living life to the fullest and making music. As soon as I got home, I grabbed my guitar and wrote “Heart’s On Fire” in less than ten minutes. It was that quick. Oh, and just to set the record straight, since I might have given the wrong impression above, I don’t think I’m even half the man my merchant-marine father was. If somebody were to tell me that I am just like him, well…I would consider it the highest possible compliment.


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