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Winchester 7 & The Runners Unleash Ukulele-Fuelled Fuzz Rock Stomper!

Winchester 7 & the Runners have released their new garage fuzz stomp-a-thon, When the World Keeps Spinning, a track that is as mesmerising and whirligig as the band themselves. You see, Winchester 7 & the Runners are not as other bands – there aren’t seven of them…there aren’t any runners…there aren’t even three or four of them. They are a one-man-band fuelled by an obsession for Paul McCartney, psychedelic-rock and with an extremely vivid imagination, they’re coming to fill your head with earworms. Prepare yourselves!

Winchester 7 & the Runners are led by the shadowy figure of Winchester 7, or Win for short, on electric ukulele and vocals; supported by Scouse drummer Jack Kane and Dutch bassist, Phil Voorhees. It’s possible Jack and Phil are Win wearing very suspect disguises and putting on accents, but we couldn’t possibly say. Their latest single, When the World Stops Spinning is taken from the recent EP, Argos Holiday, seven tracks (plus a bonus cover version of Bowie’s Modern Love and a Stuart Epp’s (George Harrison; Led Zep; Twisted Sister) remix) which see the ukulele as the new flying V guitar, fully souped-up and distorted and blasting out of the amps. Taking his cue from Paul McCartney’s one-man-band approach on his first three solo albums, Win dispenses with the tribulations of dealing with bandmates and musical differences by keeping them firmly in his control…Inspired by the seminal 70s Sci-Fi film, Logan’s Run, the band is brought together under one roof after escaping from dystopian doom.

“As the Logan’s Run society was based on human cloning resulting in individuals with numbers after their names to denote their generation of clone, I am Winchester 7. Why Winchester? I chose the name from the television show M*A*S*H. That’s right…it’s a M*A*S*H mash-up”.


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